The Last University Exam B.Sc. CSIT (NSFW)

Posted on February 02, 2017 in thoughts • 1 min read

“All I can say is, 'Damn the exam!” ― William Shawcross, The Queen Mother: The Official Biography

Exams a BITCH and nobody* likes it.

The Tribhuwan University's IOST department is a fucking jerk. Anything can happen in TU's exams. You may get the easiest question paper or the toughest motherfucking questions in the entire universe. The guys who set the question papers can be a fucking nut sometimes. Nuts in a sense that they sometimes set questions out of the syllabus. And that's what drives the students crazy.

My last university exam for 8th semester is kicking off from this Sunday (Feb 5th). In 8th semester, I've to give exams of three papers which includes:

  1. Data Mining and Data Warehouse (60 Marks)
  2. Cloud Computing (60 Marks)
  3. Geographic Information System (60 Marks)

Besides these papers, there's a 200 Marks worth of Internship report, which I have to submit it immediately after the exams are over. [No relaxing break or what so ever. WTF!!!!]

Well, nonetheless, I hope this last exam goes well for me and I wish the questions are easy this time or at least the questions I could solve in fucking three hours and obtain the pass marks.

Pursuing a bachelor's degree ain't fucking easy.

On the side note, I've set my mind that I write a blog post everyday. So, for some few days, I'll be posting some random shits.

Keep visiting the blog and wish me all the best. :smile: